• A speed survey was undertaken in January 2005 near to Slade Farm. An average speed of 45.8mph was recorded which is deemed unacceptable in a 30mph zone.
  • On the basis of this data the County Council’s Safer Roads Partnership paid for the two VAS signs to be installed, they had budget back in 2005.
  • The speeding issue on the B4445 was recognised at this time and the two VAS signs installed.
  • A similar survey was carried out by the Green in the centre of the village in November 2005 and an average speed of 28mph was recorded, below the limit.
  • This survey was repeated in May this year with an average speed of 25.8mph recorded.
  • The effectiveness of the VAS signs has lessened with time and familiarity. The Parish Council are very aware of the concerns regarding speeding in the village and on the B4445. To this end we have regularly borrowed the portable Speed Indication Device from the local Police and have deployed it in the village recording details of speeding cars and passing the information to the Police for action.
  • With increased traffic on the roads and the expansion of both Thame and Chinnor the problem of speeding traffic through the village just gets worse.
  • The Parish Council met with a County Council Highways Officer in December 2014 to look at the possibility of installing a pinch point on the B4445 to slow down traffic from Chinnor approaching the junction.
  • The costs for the County Council to implement the scheme were prohibitive; they had no budget available so the local Councils would have to pay. 
  • Chinnor were keen to have a pinch point on the same road on the approach to the Garden Centre site and hoped to have this as part of the developer funding from the site so we hoped to contribute to an overall scheme on the B4445. The funding went directly to the County Council who proposed some road markings instead.
  • Chinnor Parish Council are keen to work with us on the installation of pinch points on the B4445, both would be in their Parish, and we are getting a quote from another source for this traffic calming scheme. We will then progress this with them.
  • The Parish Council met with a County Council Highways Officer in April this year to look at traffic calming measures in the village from the Inn at Emmington to Box Cottages. Physical traffic calming, ie. Pinch points or tables, were discussed as the only effective methods on this straight stretch of road.